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Proposed German Kit built house was required by the planners at the Bath city council to be built so that the roof levels did not affect the view from the property above.

On a steeply sloping site consisting of unstable slip clay, an excavation in excess of 8.0m was required. In addition the active back face slopes significantly at nearly 20°, increasing the active side pressure.

The site investigation also documented a series of historical slip circles extending to 5.0m in conjunction with significant but sporadic water flow through the clay.

To compound the difficulty a series of TPO (tree protection orders) were issued to the site and its steeply sloping terrain prevented the use of large construction equipment and during the project a retaining wall belonging to the neighbouring property collapsed due to wind loads.


Contiguous bored pile wall, anchored into the bedrock. Above this a 3m high in-situ reinforced concrete wall was built supported off ductile iron piles and two rows of 5.0m long soil nails.

 bathwick hill wall4

The Apprentice Store was filmed as the first programme of the 2009 series.

It was stabilised and retained by constructing a ring of 600mm diameter piles around the property connected by reinforced concrete beams with underpinning nibs, the beams designed to act as a box with torsion fingers as a lid to provide moment restraint to the piles, significantly increasing the factor of safety against landslide under the property.


Picture from Threefold Architects

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