Project Description

The garden of a new domestic property suffered during construction because of a major landslide.

Our contract to stabilise the property involved the construction of a variety of retaining wall solutions.

  1. 600mm diameter bored piles constructed in rows with moment restraint caps to stabilise the main slip using our restricted access rigs.
  2. Ductile pipe piles along the sloping boundary to allow contaminated slip spoil to be excavated from the property below.
  3. King post pile wall with universal columns and pre cast concrete panels between the flanges. These were installed to create level platforms to facilitate the each of the boundary works.

In addition the garden was landscaped using the following techniques.

  1. Oak post pushed into concrete columns with oak panels in between.
  2. Treated Timber Crib Lock Walls.
  3. Stone Gabion Basket Walls.
  4. Vertical Treated Timber Walls.