Retaining Wall Solutions areas of Expertise

Below you will find a range of retaining walls to suit you.

Retaining Walls

  • Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Anchored Solutions
  • Embedded Retaining Walls

Soil Improvements

  • Earth Embankment
  • Soil Nails
  • Screw Piles
  • Lime Piles
  • Electro-Kinetic Osmosis
  • Electro-Resistivity
  • Soil Mixing

Retaining Walls


  • A variety of modular unit walls are available.
  • Often built in conjunction with reinforced earth, soil nails or anchors, ideal for quick construction.23 Nov 2009 123
  • Modular Wall Construction

Anchored Solutions

Embedded Retaining Walls

Soil Improvements

Earth Embankment

Slopes between 60° – 65°. Typically can be created with horizontal reinforcement design and installed typically of length 70% vertical height Granular stone or growing medium facing.


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Sometimes no amount of decorative brickwork, timber facing or planting can prevent a retaining wall or similar structure from looking out of place and in conflict with its surroundings. Excavation in unstable slopes and poor ground can be a real problem when the maintenance of the natural beauty of parkland, landscaped gardens or in a protected green environment are major issues. 

Natural reinforced earth slopes

A real benefit for natural environments, where retaining structures would either be inappropriate or too constraining, reinforced slopes offer a landscaped alternative encouraging vegetative growth and a less imposing aspect. Within months grasses and mosses grow through the synthetic mesh facing creating a fully planted out bank which gives the impression of disappearing seamlessly into the environment.

Beauty comes at a surprising price

This type of retaining system is often surprisingly economic where there is scope and space for design and installation on site.

A reinforced slope solution with ground reinforcement can be just one part of a complete package of services we supply to major construction sites across the UK; at Geoforte you can also find specialist foundation piling, retaining walls and a range of other ground stabilisation techniques expertly applied to even the most challenging ground conditions.

Soil Nails

  • We offer a variety soil nailing solutions for slope stabilisation/temporary retention works.
  • Non anchored.
  • Grouted Bar.
  • Bauer Ductile Pipe system.
  • Anchored.
  • Rock Drilled grouted bar.
  • Mechanical

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Electro-Kinetic Osmosis

  • One process that could greatly enhance the transportation of chemicals through the soil is electro-osmosis.
  • Electro osmosis is a under-utilised technique that has the potential to improve the foundations of existing structures in the UK.
  • The largest potential benefit is the avoidance of far more disruptive underpinning operations.
  • Clay is 5000 times more porous under an electrical gradient than normal.
  • When an electrical potential is created a charge is forced between the electrodes.
  • The anode releases cations that migrate towards the cathode along with water
  • The cations chemically change the physico-chemical properties of the soil

Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI)

  • A 2D tool to recognise tree related subsurface dessication
  • Non-Invasive Tool to assess tree-induced subsidence
  • By characterising seasonal subsurface moisture content distribution.
  • Helps to define the architecture of the tree root system.

Soil Mixing

Grout is injected through the centre stem, then a special three – auger configuration mixes cement grout with soils in-situ.

Mixed soil/grout material attains structural strength (0.5 to 2+ Kps).

No ground beams are required, block work can be built straight off graded improved soil/grout mixture.

No vibration, no spoil.

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